At Lesedi Day Care we identified the need also for adults and parents to be trained in order for them to understand and assist their children's education process.  We believe in investing in our workers through ABET (Adult Based Education and Training) and further schooling.  According to the national census of 2011, 8.6% of the population aged 20 years and older has not completed any schooling.  Through this initiative we are doing our part in improving the low level of education of our community.

ABET (Adult basic education and training) is defined as follows:
"Adult basic education and training is the general conceptual foundation towards lifelong learning and development, comprising of knowledge, skills and attitudes required for social, economic and political participation and transformation applicable to a range of contexts. ABET is flexible, developmental and targeted at the specific needs of particular audiences and, ideally, provides access to nationally recognised certificates."

- National multi-year implementation plan for adult education and training
  (Department of Education, 1997:12)

ABETraining is faclititated by ExcelSA Training & supported by AgriSETA.

Agriseta (Agricultural sector education training authority) supports ABET:
"ABET is an extensive programme to assist employees in the agricultural environment to improve levels of literacy and numeracy, so that they may enter further learning programmes such as learnerships."

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