Lesedi Day Care Funding


LDC believes in investing in the development and education of our young children and that education can change the future of a child. We believe that by investing in the lives of our young one’s we are bringing up a new generation of rounded individuals who can make a positive contribution to South Africa.
Our family have been in this country for 300 years, our roots run deep and it is our wish to invest in this country’s future through the children on and around our farm.


Children in rural communities often receive no formal education and mental stimulation prior to their formal schooling years. Children are developmentally delayed, causing them to struggle at school.  The primary schools in our area educate only in English. Therefore a child that is not proficient in English, starts on a back foot from day one. This is a focus point of our investment; to have the children proficient enough in English by the time they move on to grade R.

Through our practical experience, we have found that many women in the community cannot take up formal employment because they have no one to assist them in caring for their young children. Another reality is that those single mothers who do work, have to rely on older siblings to care for the younger children and this means that older siblings cannot attend school. Through these realities we became aware of the great effect LDC can have on
empowering woman as well as the education process of children in the community. We have seen the reality and impact of this in the community.


To provide children with educational development, preparing them for grade R.

We believe that this will be achieved through 4 smaller goals:
1.  Ensuring that the babies are receiving the nutrition they need in the
     form of formula or mother’s milk.
2.  Ensuring that toddlers are raised in a stimulated, safe environment with
     proper nutrition and hygiene awareness to prepare the children for grade R.
3.  To assist the children throughout their schooling years.
4.  To invest in the parents through ABET and further schooling.

It is our belief that this will result in whole, functioning families living and working on our farm.


With this request LDC is looking for financial support to improve our washroom facilities, to build a fence around the play area and improve the quality of our teaching by funding training for our child minders.

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